AWS cloud migration: Nearly everything you need to know

Learn nearly everything you need to know about AWS cloud migration, from planning your migration strategy to working with an AWS partner.

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Guide answers to your AWS cloud migration questions

Whether you’re considering migrating to AWS or you’ve already started the process, our complete guide will answer almost all of your AWS cloud migration questions in one place.

In this 101 guide to AWS cloud migration, we cover:

  • Why migrate to AWS Cloud?
  • AWS cloud migration costs and ROI
  • AWS cloud migration scenarios and strategies
  • How a successful AWS cloud migration is done
  • Top cloud migration challenges and how to overcome them
  • Working with an AWS partner

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We helped Alma Media on their Oracle database migration to AWS. Through this migration, Alma Media achieved high availability, and they can now easily make AWS setup changes and quickly harness new resources when needed.

"The collaboration between Alma Media and Knowit has been smooth – their experts were an organic part of our team during the whole of the migration process, and has helped with their expertise to make the migration of our services to AWS real."
Antti Koivisto, CTO at Alma Mediapartners Oy

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